How to play Facebook with our symbols,text art and text tools?

Come and see the performance on all of the social network sites,extremely perfect effects!Try different text styles,it will surely make your friends jealous;D.Symbols,Cool text and Text arts can be applied in many places on Facebook,such as your status updates,comments,chats and etc.

How to change the Facebook name to special character and symbols?

Once,Facebook allows to use special characters in name/surname,but recently this feature has been shut off,but you can still use in the Alternate name,just enter your General Account Settings page,find the"Alternate name",copy and paste the cool text name:

How to change Facebook name to special characters

(╥﹏╥)A BAD NEWS-The latest discovery of our team:Facebook had changed the name policy again,even Alternate name are not allowed to use special characters in it!Hum,you can only keep this in memory...Maybe one day,FB will be spared to reopen this feature again!(>‿◠)✌

Use in Facebook comments

Facebook comment is special,because the font size of the text is smaller than other regions on the page,take advantage of this feature,we can use some huge and eye-catching text patterns effects freely:

Use huge text effect in Facebook comments

Of course,our most powerful text tool: text-to-symbols generators family rocks even more,the text effects in the following picture used Zalgo text generator,creepify text tool and Encool tool-generate cool text with funny symbols ,What a shining effect!

Use cool text effects in Facebook comments

Use in Facebook status updates

All you need to do just copy-paste the Symbols , Text arts , Cool text tools generated personalized characters from our website.Your FB timeline will be gorgeous,never mediocre!

Use cool text symbols in Facebook status updates

Can I also use in Facebook Chats?

Of course no problem!But please remember,the Facebook's dialogue bubble width is limited,so when you chose a generator,please do not choose the effect which too wide or too huge , compact and small character or symbol is the best!

Using variety of cool text symbols in Facebook Chats